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10 Tips for saving fuel while driving.

1. Maintain Your Vehicle

Follow manufacturers maintenance recommendations at the proper intervals will not only help your vehicles fuel economy, it can also lengthen its life span. Poorly maintained vehicles can produce 3 times more emissions hurting your fuel mileage and illuminating the check engine light. If you have any questions about your vehicles factory maintenance schedule don't hesitate to give us a call.

2. Avoid Long Duration's of idling

Simple - idling = 0 kilometers per litre - enough said.

3. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

It is good practice to check your tire pressures on a regular basis, changes in temperature can cause large fluctuations in tire pressure. Also you never know when your could have a punctured tire causing it to drop in pressure. Always set your tire pressures to manufacturers specifications which can usually be found on a tire pressure sticker the drivers door jamb or on the drivers door. NOTE: DO NOT USE THE INFLATION PRESSURE ON THE TIRE - this pressure is a maximum pressure that the tire is rated for and in most cases will not be the correct pressure set out by the manufacturer of the vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable checking your pressures we are just a phone call away!

4. Drive Reasonably

Avoid heavy accelerations and quick stops. this will help a lot when it comes to fuel economy, not to mention saving your brakes which can be a costly repair. Giving proper space between you and the vehicles in front of you will also help allowing you to coast rather than being on the brakes and back on the gas, costing you in the long run. Timing red lights - if you see a red light up ahead let off the gas and coast, if you time it right you may not even have to come to a stop allowing a moderate to light acceleration and saving your fuel economy. 

5. Loose Weight...

Removing unnecessary weight from your vehicle will help improve fuel efficiency. Get the junk out of your trunk!

6. Plan Ahead

Save money and effort by planning your route and combining errands into one trip. 

Less trips out = Less fuel used!

7. Annual Comprehensive Vehicle inspection

Having a good look over your entire vehicle at least once a year can help save your fuel economy and money in the long run. Finding small issues before they become larger ones. Things like worn out suspension components, binding brakes, worn out spark plugs/wires, leaking/cracked hoses, incorrect fuel trims, poor wheel alignment can all cause fuel economy issues.


If your "CHECK ENGINE" light is on then it's time to bring your vehicle in to a reliable service centre. Even minor problems can lead to lost performance and fuel economy.  Did you know, your vehicles computer is constantly testing and checking systems while your drive. Only once a system is 3 times over the acceptable limit and in some cases multiple failures will the check engine light illuminate, alerting the driver of a problem. Also If a check engine light starts to flash find the nearest safe spot to stop and shut the vehicle down - you are causing damage.

9. Use Your Cruise Control

Using cruise control will allow your vehicle to just make slight adjustments while on the move improving fuel efficiency - NOTE: Use your head, cruise control is not for areas where you have to make frequent stops or in very hilly/mountain areas.

10. Reduce loads On The Engine.

Turn off the air condition when at slower speeds and roll down the windows, use the air conditioning sparingly. Try to reduce electrical loads as best as possible, higher electrical loads put stress on the alternator causing higher load on the engine and reducing fuel efficiency. Using the correct amount and correct oil for the vehicle as well as regular oil changes will also help with reducing engine load.

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